Google Site Optimization With AMP

Google has been making a lot of interesting changes. They recently released a december broad core update. Which means they are changing the way they rank their websites . It’s a little bit too early to see what the changes were and why they’re causing it but if you are seeing that your rankings have dropped exponentially or your rankings are rising exponentially then it is due to this google core update that is happening right now. Lately google has been really prioritizing AMP pages which means accelerated mobile pages that’s all amp means. It just makes it where you’re basically you load really fast for mobile and it’s it’s a really good way to gain speed and to gain traffic from google because that’s what they’ve been prioritizing lately. and for me any landing page the number one metric i look at is page speed. I find that is the most important important metric ever because you can have all the images you want you can have all the text you want fully optimized, but if people aren’t loading your page they’re bouncing. they’re going and they’re going somewhere else where someone else’s competitor will load faster another page that will load faster. because as everything is everything is constantly changing and page speed is one of the most important metrics. because if they’re not loading your page all those images all those videos all those all that text you have on your page is useless so make sure your page speed is fast and make sure it’s amp compatible and if you if you’re on wordpress like it’s one plugin it takes you 10 minutes to set up. and you can have a fully amp site already done and it’s just one wordpress one wordpress plugin and then you’re finished.

How To Optimize Your Page Speed On Mobile And Desktop

If you are running if you are wanting to rank and get better rankings amp is the way to do it and page speed is even better and if you’re wanting to rank on google news which is a very very popular platform this is what google news looks like and it’s a really great way to get traffic it’s literally at the bottom of every single google search result and it’s it shows all like this goes to any other website and it tailors it to the user experience and it’s really phenomenal what they’re doing here and it’s a great way to get a ton of traffic through google news but most of these only prioritize through amp so i would definitely suggest always having and upgrading your page speed to the best of your ability and if you are wanting to see what your page speed is for any website it’s super simple like all you have to do i’m bringing up my computer or my computer screen right here and literally just type in anything just i’m going to click on a random website and this is google page speed analytics just type that in google and you can test your page speed guys and you can test if it is web optimized if it is if it is fast enough to run on on these type of things so this one got a 29 this website random website i chose got a i got a 54 on desktop and got a 29 on mobile and it’ll tell you exactly how to upgrade and make make it better and by having that concept that that paint in there and things like that to increase your site speed to make it faster and it shows you everything here in this this tool it’s completely free you don’t need to pay a thousand dollars a month it’s a completely free tool and it’ll show you exactly it’s a google tool it’ll show you exactly how to optimize your site for speed so that way you can make it where you can make your site fully optimized and get more engagement out of every single every single click you get.

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