Increase Sales on Shopify With Facebook Messenger Funnels

If you use Shopify and want to increase your sales, use Facebook messenger to reach out to customers and remind them about their shopping cart. These Messenger funnels are great to test and can increase your sales!

If you are running shopify and you can actually have a message a facebook messenger funnel in place to actually guide your customers to purchase your product on shopify. it makes it where there’s really great integrations within shopify and facebook messenger they they have a really great connection with each other. and you can actually make it like for example if someone abandons their shopping cart, you can send them a reminder hey it looks like you forgot to purchase your shopping cart, and it will automatically remind them within this facebook messenger funnel. and this has already been done for email this is nothing new when it comes to email they’ll remind you via email. but the difference is is facebook messenger has a 90 open rate. so if you send that message they will be reading it no matter what. so that’s the difference between facebook messenger and email.

Automate you marketing with these Funnels

So if you have a flow; if you already have something going on within and you haven’t tested facebook messenger as a viable funnel for shopify, it’s definitely worth testing. because you never know how your audience may react. and you with this amazing automated features that shopify provides, then you can make your facebook messenger super built out and make it where everything is completely automated. and where people will always be reading it so there’s a big difference between email and facebook messenger. and having these systems in place make it where you can fully optimize your funnel for shopify.

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