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Target your shopper's attention by adding logos to your advertisements.

Some marketing tips that i have is if you are running ad facebook ads to a platform and this could be this could apply to anything youtube ads anything and if you are running facebook ads and if you put an amazon walmart ebay logo on top of it then it’s go and you send traffic to or like to wherever you’re sending traffic to so if you’re sending traffic to amazon having the amazon logo on top of your ad will increase your cost efficiency for that ad by over 300 percent and make sure you guys are implementing logos and having these in your facebook ads and all types of advertising any type of creative advertising make sure you put that logo because it establishes trust people go oh i shop on amazon i’m going to click this and that way they know and they already have trust in that brand already so make sure you guys are having that walmart ebay amazon logo to wherever you’re sending them to so that way you can establish that trust because they already have that.

Use logos to target any audience you want

Facebook, you can use interest-based targeting and target amazon shoppers ebay shoppers walmart shoppers wherever you want and you can target these people and if you use these logos with this interest based targeting so if i use an amazon logo with in target amazon shoppers then that is how you create killer ads that will absolutely dominate and do outperform almost everything else so make sure you guys are doing that and make sure you have that in place and it’s it’s super simple guys it really is setting up these facebook ads and targeting amazon shoppers it’s their own audience they couldn’t make it any easier for you to target amazon shoppers the target ebay shoppers the target walmart shoppers and it’s all there for you so for example if you have any product uh let’s dog food if you have a dog food product you can do it um they must the person must be interested in dog food that means they have a dog and they must be an shopper and then that that’s all you guys need and if you have this optimizations in place on your ad graphic having that amazon logo having dog food and then you have a direct correlation with each other to really and benefit each other with these facebook ads.

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