Start Marketing On Google Maps By Posting

Posting on google maps is one of the best ways to get new customers as a local business. If you aren't utilizing this now, you are making a mistake.

If you’re on google maps and you’re a local business you need to be posting on on these google maps. i’m going to pull it up right now google google maps is basically having these features where you can… if you’re a local business and you could be a restaurant business like literally any of these local businesses, this is a very popular way almost everyone finds local businesses through google. like i don’t know a single person that doesn’t and this is the best way to and google’s starting to prioritize and show people with posts. and it’s a great way to get a lot of organic traffic for free so if you’re a restaurant post images with food if you’re if you’re anything post images of the inside of your place like these posts are being prioritized and are constantly going to people. and it’s notifying people about these posts now so make sure that you’re always you’re always posting

Bring more traffic to your business by posting

If you’re a local business you have to be using this google post feature it’s free and it creates a lot of awareness on google maps and that’s where people find local businesses now so make sure you’re posting on google posts or on google maps so that way you can be prioritized and you can start showing up on that search results page for google maps.

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