“Google Search Console” and Why You Need It – Posts, Videos, and subscription on Google and Shopify

Google search console can help you keep track of who is seeing your page and who is seeing your competitors. In other news, having a subscription button on your Shopify page can be extremely beneficial and should be utilized if needed.

This new google core update will definitely impact uh impact your shopify business or any other e-commerce business related to that because it’s gonna constantly fluctuate your rankings and it’s going to keep making it go up and down all the time and make sure you have some sort of tracking in place of where your rankings are for your website and it’s as simple as using google search console just it takes five minutes to set up and you can see where you’re ranking for each particular keyword completely free and it’s all based on using that tool so make sure you know where your rankings are at and because you have to you have to know if your rankings did drop in this new google core update because if they did your sales are going to drop and you’re not going to know why unless you have this tracking in place so make sure you have it’s google search console that’s that’s the name set it up takes five minutes and then you will have tracking from now on on your website you can see where you rank from and you can compare it to your competitors. so make sure you have that in place so that way you know where you rank.

Embed product videos to your seller sites

Make sure you have videos if you are running shopify make sure you have these youtube videos these youtube product videos on each of these pages so that way you show up as i said before youtube videos are being prioritized now in the search results make sure you are linking those or posting having it embedded on your product pages on your blogs on any of these so that way it you so that way google will start showing you in that featured snip bits and so it’s really important to have that in place and start posting those youtube videos on your pages so that way you show up in not only one place in two places and so it’s really important to have that and also make sure i’m surprised a lot of people just don’t even have a subscription button on their shopify pages it’s super simple it’s one plugin on shopify it’s completely free if you have a subscription based product and people are going to have to like actually remind themselves to purchase your product every month then you shouldn’t be doing that they should be on a subscription where it constantly goes there and makes it i use seal subscriptions for my plugin for shopify you can use whatever you end up wanting but it makes it where it performs a lot better and that way people are constantly getting that subscription right to their door and they don’t have to be reminded to buy your product so definitely have a subscription button right in there and definitely provide a discount make it worthwhile make sure you have a 10 discount on that subscription so people are actually interested to uh have that subscription because it’s going to be beneficial in the long run for you.

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