Make Your Videos Show On Google Results and Post Blogs

Google search engine is now starting to prioritize videos over websites so its importing to think about when implementing a strategy on google. What will entice your audience more? (Hint: videos)

A good way for organic growth on your site is by doing blog posts on other sites. I always see people posting blogs to theirs but I see very very rarely they try doing co-marketing and try posting on other type of blog sites. and where you can link to your site and also provide relevant content for that blog site as well so it’s really good interaction. and it’s a good way to then promote yourself and do co-marketing in there that benefits everyone. also videos have in the search results of google videos have been very very very much prioritized,

Increase traffic by posting videos to your blogs

i’m going to show you exactly what i mean by that so for example this random screenshot right here this this is a search results page and it’s all literally all videos it’s a hundred percent videos and it’s youtube videos will always be prioritized at the very top of almost every of most search results and which is becoming really fascinating so if you are wanting to rank on google for a certain search term make sure you have youtube videos in there and also make sure you are attaching every youtube video to one of your pages on your site because that way not only you are you on this search results page you’re also on the video search results results page on that videos tab over there so you’re in two places so you can be i’ll have an organic post already in there and a youtube post as a search results so it’s really important that you have this type of strategy in place because youtube’s only going to get more and more prioritized as video content starts to go starts to rise so make sure you have a youtube strategy in place to basically make it where you can rank on these google listings on these on these google search results.

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