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Spotify, the app widely know for being strictly audio, might now be taking a turn. Soon, we might be able to upload a more visual approach to users which will change marketing on Spotify.

going on to spotify uh that’s not in my list but it’s just some news with spotify. spotify is now having stories within their content and that’s important because spotify might be moving to more visual based content now and that’s a big shift because they are an audio platform audio everything and what what’s fascinating is a lot of these people have to strip the basically the audio file from every video and just post it on spotify but if if spotify removes it it makes it where it’s a video platform where you can start posting videos as well that could have a lot of success there.

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and because these are people that want to listen to podcasts and it’s more and for me it’s more entertaining for me to watch the podcast than listen to it so it’s they should at least have that as a feature to add videos in there and this might be a big shift for spotify and there’s there are 300 million users that they have and to make it where it’s more visual based content so this is something that may be happening and this story feature is just one little piece that may be starting it to moving into visual content so make sure you have that ready for your strategy

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