Google’s Latest Core Update is Prioritizing YouTube Videos For Results -Marketing on YouTube

Since Google's latest core update, we are starting to see a lot more videos pop up as results. If you aren't already marketing on YouTube now is the time.

Since the the search results and youtube are very very interconnected this google broadcore update that happened in december. is going to very fluctuate the views of what happens on youtube. so just something to keep in mind if you are seeing lower views on your youtube videos and like i said before if you are posting youtube videos make sure you attach it to your blog. and use the schema in place so that way you can get a lot of traffic not only to your youtube page but also to your google website. because it’s going to show those videos in that video tab on your blog so they’ll get linked directly to your blog even though they’re clicking your youtube video. so make sure you have that in place so that we can get a lot of traffic there and a lot of more views that come in and also if right here let me show this actually because i want to bring this up right here i thought this was really fascinating actually this is really important data when it comes to youtube so right here i found this really fascinating i know it’s kind of blurry but it’s youtube videos found in search engines results by search features so you know that carousel that we talked about that were basically the videos that pop up on the search results the very verse videos that’s what this carousel is referring to and almost eighty-three percent of all youtube uh 80 percent of happens in the search engine goes through that carousel and that’s where i’m saying like make sure you are posting youtube videos in there and make sure you have a strategy for it because this carousel is being very important and a very little amount still goes through um through that rich snippet rich snippet means basically you put your vid your youtube video in a blog and that way people can click on it and go directly to your blog eleven percent’s still good it’s like that’s still better than nothing when it comes to traffic and make sure you definitely have that in place when it comes to that.

Post on YouTube so Google prioritizes your content

Make sure you’re posting on youtube like i wouldn’t suggest vimeo or any of these others because the google rankings like they’re prioritizing only youtube videos so if you’re posting on vimeo or any other platform right now then you’re then you’re becoming irrelevant when it comes to these google rankings because that’s what they’re prioritizing right now and youtube posts and stories are being pushed really hard within youtube now they’re becoming very prominent and remember the top comment is now like at the very bottom of your video so make sure you have a top comment strategy in place on youtube so that way people can like subscribe whatever you want to put at that top comment but it makes it where comments are becoming a lot more important so make sure you have a comment strategy because before they see any other video any any other related video they see that comic section first so you can have something in place to where make sure they interact with your with your channel or with your comment section so that way you get more engagement and also youtube premiere is now launching the ability to have trailers and they’re just really flushing out this whole youtube premiere thing and they’re just really trying to expand it and making it where it’s a lot just a lot bigger and that’s all for youtube.

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