Best Facebook Ad Design to Use for Facebook Advertising with Chris Pechau

typically yeah yeah good point i mean no brain or video right I think that is that is something we’ll always have to have uh again facebook knows what kind of content you like to engage with the majority of users like to engage with video right so they’re going to get more video it allows you for for over tons of reach and also it’s deep storytelling right you can really go you can really go deep um uh so so that is that is fantastic but don’t sleep on the carousel let’s say don’t sleep on them because here’s another thing for example facebook they understand the engagement you have on your ads and give rankings right engagement ranking all that engagement score all that stuff and that helps you being favored in the auction right get more reach uh uh so so certainly carousel is a very high engagement piece of creative because you you will swipe through it and that is an engagement improving your score improving reach minimizing cost so i think those are really the two pieces of freight if you shouldn’t sleep on another cool thing is with carousel you can leverage image if the user is on the mobile phone on the way to work that internet.

How to design the ad graphics

connection they might get more of a image creatives because it loads faster um you know and then then a carousel ad is also very attractive so i think those two they really take it um and if you’re in the ecommerce space and you sell a product that is visual fashion jewelry whatever you know like everything where just the pure look of the product sells art right dynamic product ads with a product catalog undebatable yeah and that always comes in the carousel format primarily i think that’s how it works the best so i think those two take it away video sure unless you have like an info product or stuff like that keep it short as well right i think that is also a common knowledge and and the first three seconds please don’t sleep on them right uh use a solid 4×5 format so many people still like when i’m having cards they run landscape format which is just very small right it takes this right you just right you just scroll past it like that you’re gonna notice it right so take that piece of video and turn it into a four by five uh right and all of a sudden you have to scroll two times to actually get past the video given that there’s autoplay on social media on facebook and instagram you know it already starts playing the video while they scroll past it and it’s the first couple of seconds convinced voila you have the attention so that’s that’s the game to play on

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