Why You Use a Landing Page to Bridge the Gap Between What You Have and What The Customer Wants?

So, you’re taking something that’s maybe even quite unrelated from the keyword, like “red shoes” and you have to bridge the gap. You usually do that by creating a landing page.

Importance of Landing Pages to Bridge the Gap

If they put in “running shoes for flat feet” but you don’t have that specific product, you could potentially have a landing page. It bridges the gap and explains to them why your shoes are still good for flat feet even though they don’t have that same specific feature. 

Sometimes, traffic that’s not performing well is an opportunity you just need to make that connection for the customer and help them on their journey.  You have red shoes over here and you’ve got someone searching for “I have fallen arches flat feet.” If you just say buy red shoes, they’re like “Well, why?” But if you have a different ad with a landing page with it, with the option to just go from that landing page to your site, you can bridge the gap between where they are and where you need them to get to buy your product or service.

To learn more, watch this video:

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