How do blogs should satisfy the customer rather than Google?

You can do everything in the world to make Google happy. You can get it at the very top of the search page and you can have all of the boxes checked on Yoast. Everything could be green, but then, if a human reads it and they hate it, they feel like they don’t get any value out of it. They haven’t learned anything. They didn’t get the answer to their question. Your content really sucks. 

Satisfying Your Customers More Than Google

When I’m creating content or when someone on my team is creating content and I’m approving it, the most important thing is this going to resonate with a human, even if we have to sacrifice. 

Do a little SEO sacrifice

For example, if the keyword being at the front of the headline reads weird and if someone reads it, they will think that a bot wrote it. When it feels clunky, it’s not worth it. So, sacrifice that SEO criteria and write for the human because that’s the person who’s going to be clicking the buy now button.

Remove fluff

When it comes to fluff, you talked about removing fluff off. It is important to have it when it comes to SEO to make sure that you check all the boxes. But if you want to add as much value as possible, it comes down to getting the point across as quickly as possible. The bounce rate is going to be higher if you have a lot of fluff. If people are reading and not really understanding, people are going to bounce, making your metrics hurt more. So, it’s important to take out that fluff and get to the point as quickly as possible.  

Give more value

Dive right in and provide the value as fast as possible. Once you provide value, then you win in the brand game. If you provide value to that person, they are going to remember you. But if you have a lot of fluff in your content, not many people are going to read it and they’re just going to leave. They’re not even going to remember who you are.

The whole goal of your content should be for people – to add value to the end customer, for people to remember who you are. It is so important to remove that fluff and to really provide as much value as possible, going straight to the point.

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