Always Test Multiple Ads Graphics/Images For Facebook Ads For The BEST Results

I see a lot of business owners make the mistake of saying that “Facebook ads don’t work. I tested one audience, with one ad graphic.” 

Testing Multiple Facebook Ads for Best Results

You have to be testing more ad graphics and you can’t just test one format with one ad with one everything. It comes down to really testing all these different ad creatives because you never know how your audience is going to react. 

If you’re targeting a million people with one ad, you can’t expect them all to react the same way. It’s just not gonna happen. You never know what audience may love this particular ad and another audience may love this another particular ad. You have to test it and give Facebook all the information possible. The more information you give to Facebook, the better your ads will perform.

I always recommend targeting of minimum three audiences with three ad graphics because you can’t expect a Facebook ad to run effectively with one audience and one ad graphic. It’s just not realistic at that point.

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