Do You Need to Spend Too Much to Get Images for Your Content?

You don’t have to spend tons of money on images. The image almost doesn’t even have to be related to what you’re talking about.

I’m sure we’ve all seen articles where we are wondering like “Why do they have a picture of a turtle? What’s the connection?” 

What your readers feel matters – A lot

It’s all about that psychology – the emotional experience that people have on your page.  If they see a picture of a puppy or some mind maps that’s really interesting or something that makes them feel happy or satisfied in some way, as opposed to something that is depressing or scary or alarming, they’re going to have those emotional connotations associated with your brand. 

So, you have to be really careful about the types of images that you choose. Not necessarily that they fit in exactly with the content, but that they’re making your readers feel good. 

For more tips to make your content better, watch this video:

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