Content Strategies: Why You Need To Use Different Formats

You may only produce videos, but maybe most of your audience likes reading text. So, it’s important to create all these types of pieces of content in different formats. Do not just stick to one format. If you have text, try videos, try podcasts, try something else.

Content Strategies: Diversifying Your Content Is Important

It is really important to diversify your content so you can reach the most amount of people. Some people may prefer text, and some people might prefer video. 

For example, with one recording, I’m gonna take one valuable clip, post it on LinkedIn and YouTube. I need to format the clips for each platform. Then, I’m gonna take the transcripts and post them on my website. I will also take the audio and put it on all the podcasting platforms. I will produce seven pieces of content on all these platforms, and it comes super easy.

It comes down to providing and diversifying the content as much as you can. I find that the easiest for me to make is the video format. I can really segment it out, and diversify my content from there.

So, when it comes to your content strategy, try to find that pillar piece of content where you can grab tons of videos from, where you can diversify and push all your content from.

If you want to learn more content strategies, watch this video:

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