Why Implement Asian Defence: Amazon Strategy

If you have a lot of different products that fit into the same category, one strategy to do is Asian defense. In this strategy, we use all the different ad types. If you sell running stuff, like different headbands and gloves and running gear. For the running gloves, what we can do is target running headband and running shirt and everything. You can target the running gloves product listing and what this does is pushes your competitors off your product page. 

Increase conversion rate

So, the major benefit is that you can increase your conversion rate from that product listing because your competitors aren’t showing up as much. There’s not that like a temptation to go and browse around more.

Direct them to your ad and product listing

Another key piece is that if you’ve got very comparable products now, they’re more familiar with the brand, and maybe the specific product that they’re looking at isn’t the right one. But now we can direct them to your ad and product listing. You have a much higher chance to convert after that ad.

Become more relevant

The third piece is that you tend to be more relevant. If your products are pretty interrelated, then your competitors are just because they are more familiar with your ad.

So, this strategy is really fun just because it’s fulfilling to go on to one of our clients’ product listing pages and then just seeing all their other products pop up, whether it’s sponsored display sponsored brand sponsor products. It’s pretty cheap placements. They tend to convert really well and also helps you convert on that original listing more just because your competitors aren’t showing up.

To learn more, watch this video:

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