Why 3PL Is Recommended?

I recommend clients that always have a 3PL in place because it’s like a backup where you never go out of stock and you’re able to do a lot more with it.

The Importance of 3PL And Your Stocks

For example, for this one client, we timed it perfectly where we would send it to Amazon and we got it to where’s timed perfectly. So, we never ran out of stock. But for some reason, Amazon did their Amazon thing where they waited two weeks to process our inventory. Technically, we were out of stock for two weeks. We timed it perfectly. But Amazon does its 24 or 72 hours processing, but no they decided to take two weeks on this, which in this case would have been extremely bad. We would have missed hundreds of thousands of dollars of sales, but since we had that 3PL in place, it really saved our butt.

I always recommend having a 3PL in place. That way you can be on Shopify, Walmart, Amazon, and all be. At least have a backup in place for Amazon so, that way you can always have inventory in place. 

To learn more about 3PL, watch this video:

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