Why Captions Are Important In Your Videos

Another thing I see a lot of Amazon sellers making the mistake is they don’t put captions of the words that they’re saying on top of their video. 

The Importance of Captions in Your Videos

As you know, by default, the sound is off from 80-90 of the people on Amazon and most people aren’t going to ever turn it on. If they have a video of someone talking, giving a testimonial, or something, no one’s going to be able to hear what they’re saying unless they’re expert lip readers and which most of us are not. It’s super important to put those captions at the bottom to at least tell us what you are saying, so they can at least read it. 

I don’t recommend having too many words, like saying too much. It should be more visual-based. But if you are speaking over your video, you should have closed captioning on it just so people could possibly look into the video further and understand what they’re saying.

To learn more, watch this video:

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