Biggest Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make

Neglecting Personal Health

Your business is an extension of you and if I’m not healthy, then my business will be affected by that. I find a lot of the guys I work with, they get in this place like “I’m working such long hours I’m hustling for my business, I’m putting in the work, but I’m neglecting my relationship with my wife my kids.I find that or even just physical health will come crashing down if you focus so hard on your business. You neglect yourself, the business is going to end up being affected by that. 

Trying New Different Things

As a business owner, an entrepreneur who wants to grow quickly and is very driven, we tend to get into this shiny object syndrome which I’m sure you’ve heard about. A lot of people talk about this. But it’s “what else can I do it’s this new thing I want to try this thing or I want to do that new strategy or new practice”, but we neglect the consistency of just setting clear targets of revenue-generating activities, my RGA’s, my KPIs, my key performance indicators the things that I can repeat on a day-to-day basis that bring me the most value. 

Just focusing on that some new strategies are good to add if something’s not working, but the problem is is we don’t stay consistent with something long enough to actually get numbers on it and see if it works. 

I think that those are the two biggest mistakes are – neglecting my own personal health and then trying to do a bunch of different things instead of just getting consistent with what i know works because that’s not sexy. It’s not exciting to just stay consistent and hit these clear targets every day, but that consistency over a long period of time is what really brings the business growth.

Learn more on how to avoid these mistakes by watching this video:

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