How To Be Consistent For Your Business Success

I’ve honestly read a lot of books about this and got a great bunch of great ideas. “Atomic Habits” is a great one “A Compound Effect” by Darren Hardy is another one I’ve just read recently. All have similar perspectives and they talk about the value of small changes that lead to big results over time.

So, I think for me outside of getting someone in the mindset, which is typically the first step of “hey we got to get you in the place where you’re ready to make this change”, I think once they’re ready and they’re struggling to stay consistent, to me it starts with small changes.

Small Changes, Small Targets

So, how can I say which for me is a struggle and the guys I work with typically because they’re very driven, they’re like I’ve got to make this change now. So, I’m going to read it first three hours a day and I’m gonna do two workouts a day seven days a week because I gotta get these goals fast. And I’m like hold on, that’s gonna last about a week and a half. To me, it’s setting small changes and small targets that we can build consistency with.

I tell them, like hey we need to set a plan that’s going to last you the rest of your life, not for a month. It’s setting these targets that I can easily hold and I can always grow once I get consistency. But instead of two hours a day of reading every day, it’s like why don’t we just start with 10 pages let’s just do 10 pages a day. That’s 5 minutes 5 to 10 minutes and you can move on and if you want to be more, cool, but you hold yourself to that small thing.  If it’s working out, why don’t we just pick three days a week to start for 30 minutes? How about we just get that?

Setting Achievable Goals

I think, if we can set achievable goals and get momentum building, hold ourselves to that’s when the crash doesn’t happen a week later. That’s typically a great start for people that are struggling to build consistency. Let’s just do something easy first. The book “Atomic Habits” talks about if you’re wanting to run a marathon, just start with putting your shoes on. If I can get myself to just put my running shoes on when I get home from work every day that’s the start and that’s a win. If I can go from putting my running shoes on to just walking out the door and walking back in that’s a win. If I can slowly build, that’s where the consistency comes, which sounds crazy to someone who’s very true. I need to run a half marathon today just put your shoes on so start somewhere.

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