Business Success: How To Be More Efficient

Having clear targeted metrics that you can hold yourself to – those KPIs, RGAs that I have to hit, these because I know they bring me the most revenue or they’re you know they bring me the most performance in my business. 

Know Your Targets

If I can schedule our day around that stuff, whether you’re a solo entrepreneur a business that’s got teams doing this stuff. If I’ve got these targets to hit and I can schedule to prioritize or allocate that time around it, that’s where the efficiency comes.

If I get those things done, it moves the ball down the field. If i don’t get anything else done, that’s okay. But i know the most important things are happening and then I’ve got spare time I can do some other things that’ll you know a long-term place. 

Important, Clear, Measurable Targets

But when it comes to efficiency, for me, it’s I got to allocate my time to the most important targets, and to me, they’ve also got to be very clear and measurable. It’s like it’s five of these things or it’s ten of these outreaches or it’s you know three of these posts made or you know whatever it is that you’re doing. If I don’t have those targets, I’m just guessing and who knows where i’m gonna get.

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