What Makes A Great Business Coach: Business Success

I think they’re probably good coaches that don’t just because they’re smart, but I think you’ve got to care about helping people first. If you really are going to coach someone to be their best, I’ve got to actually care about helping them not just my business.

Tell people what they need to hear

The first thing that allows me to, if I truly care about them is to tell them the truth and to call out what they need to hear, not just what you know, what makes them feel good. To me, if they’re gonna get the growth they really need, I’ve got to be able to speak the truth. I think that’s really hard, even for someone who does care, to be able to call that out because it’s confrontation. 

There’s so much more I still need to grow in. I didn’t really start becoming successful as a coach until a shift happened to me where I gotta stop getting people to like me and just tell them the truth of what they need to hear and not in a mean way. I still do want to be liked but in a way of like I care about helping you, almost like a parent disciplining their child. I care about helping you and if you’re really going to get where you say you want to be, here’s what’s got to change – you’ve got to stop doing this or you’ve got to stop neglecting this so that’s a huge thing. 

Setting clear measurable targets

Then back to what I’ve been preaching is you’ve got to be able to give them clear targets and measurables. That’s one of the things I lacked when I first hired coaches. I get all these strategies but how much am I supposed to be doing or how often or what does this look like. I’m a numbers person so tell me how many to do and then I can schedule that instead of just like go do this a couple of times, a couple like how many does it take.

So giving clear targets and accountability, holding them to it, to me is where the real growth happens. If I can speak the truth in love but also give clear actionable steps, then that kind of merges to me to help people find growth.

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