What Agency Should You Work With Amazon

I would try to talk to someone that really understands what they’re talking about. I hear a lot of people and like most agencies, they are self-promotional. The only content they post is “buy me”, “use mine’, “use me, use me, use me.” But they’re not providing any value.

Go for agencies that give value

I would really really focus on an agency that would try on providing value to the end person. If you notice that a particular person is providing a ton of value, go with them a hundred percent in because they think about it. If they are providing value for free images, how much value they are going to add to your life if you pay them? It’s going to be a thousand times more. 

Pay them, get more in return

If you’re already finding it valuable now, then if you pay them you’re going to get a million times more than what your money is. A lot of these agencies are only going to work off of money and they’re not going to work on providing value for you so that’s the difference.

To learn more, watch this video:

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