Reasons To Love Facebook Advertising

That’s why I love Facebook Ads more than anything. 

Testing is important

What you said was exactly right. You have to be religious about testing. If an entrepreneur is not set on testing new things every single day, then they are set up for failure. If you’re not testing it, your competition is. They’re learning insights that you do not know. So, testing is the number one.


It’s cheap

It is also important to understand the concept and everything that’s going on around your business. I love Facebook Ads because tests are very cheap. I can test five different variables of what works in a Facebook Ad and I’m spending 10 bucks a day. We’re not talking about anything big and I can test. 

Target capability

If you want to test this landing page works, I can get a 100 budget to push it, to see if it works. That’s why I love Facebook Ads so much. The targeting capabilities that Facebook has with that for how cheap it is is phenomenal. I can target someone with joint stiffness in New York City over the age of 55, that is female. I can target that capability and I can target off my customer list. I can target my look-alike audiences. It’s just amazing the things I can target for so cheap right now.

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