Why It Is Recommended To Test Your Product On Shopify

It’s important to understand that your first product variation or version may not be good. That’s why I recommend Shopify.

Let’s say if you send a bunch of traffic through Facebook Ads and nobody’s converting, the same thing is going to happen. On Amazon, people aren’t going to convert unless the product is worth buying. It’s important to make sure that everything is okay. You may think you have the best products, the best thing ever, but your packaging may suck and that could be a make or break on Amazon. 

Test and make variations of your product

You can rank it one but you can invest hundreds of thousands of dollars. But if you don’t know how good that product is, it might not do well. So, it’s important to test and make different variations of your product and test it on shopify.

Invest and add multiple variations

If you’re seeing that this one product on Shopify is killing it, launch that on Amazon and spend a couple of grand on it and see how it takes off. But I wouldn’t recommend just constantly reinvesting. Yes, you have to be patient and you have to keep investing money. I believe in that, but make sure you’re adding multiple variations with the cut with what product you’re providing. And make sure that it’s priced competitively, that it’s attractive enough. 

And with all these different attributes make sure it’s compelling enough for the user to come through. Once you realize and can say that I tested all these product packagings this works the best. I tested all these differences we are better data-wise than our competitors.

Invest and be patient

All you have to do is invest money and be patient with it on Amazon. But make sure you’re testing if the product is viable. Are you providing something unique? or are you going to be just like everyone else that just has the same supplement with a rebrand? 

Give something unique

You can invest a lot of money on that but if there’s everyone’s going to be doing it and the multi-million dollar guys are gonna cut you out instantly. You have to be providing something unique to the customer. Either that or you have to have a strong brand, one or the other. If you could, spend all this money on branding. However, you want to do it but make sure you’re testing and if you have a small budget I would recommend Shopify first every, single time.

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