How to Have a Successful New Product Listing On Amazon

Focused on a limited number of keywords. Start out with an exact phrase match just to try to be more focused. Try to get the most amount of visibility that the phrase match is going to give. Then learn from there and start expanding out into other areas.

Focus on what is important

One of the areas that I may not spend as much time on anymore is far as expanding out my keyword variations as far as looking for more long-tail keywords. That’s how you can certainly spend time. I’m more likely going to jump in and say “have I established a decent conversion rate for my product” and then I’m going to jump directly into “who, what sales can I steal, what customers can steal away from weaker competitors who come in with an inferior product.” I’m going to kill them because I’m simply going to say “look I’ve got a better product. It may be a higher price but it’s more of what you want.”

Focus on the needs of your target audience

I’m going to take more time, more effort to focus on the needs of my target audience. And shift over to product targeting then spends a whole lot of time trying to perfect my keyword research. I kind of go in a lot faster, a lot more aggressive these days than even what I did a couple of years ago where I was testing every single combination and you know, doing fine cleaning and adjusting bids.

 I’ve got a great product and I know I’ve got above average conversion rate. I’m gonna go out there and use more width as far as the different ad types. Destiny says like you know most people are just leaving money on the table because they’re not using product targeting, they’re not using sponsor brand video ads. Most people are lazy simply just not going to do it, you know they don’t have enough information. 

Jump ahead of your competition

I would say like just throw something out there and you know do it wrong the first time. That’s how you’re going to jump ahead of your competition because they’re not even going to make the effort in the first place.

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