Business Success: Don’t be A Category, Be A Brand

I think the easiest way to start producing content is through conversations with your target personas. You need to figure out what they care about because producing content around things they don’t care about is not aligning with your brand and it’s not going to result in the success you want.

Make the content engaging

The thought here is this – anything, any approach, once everyone starts using it as a best practice becomes a worse practice or it becomes just like we’re like everyone else. So, I would encourage brands to figure out how to have the conversations and use the content as MVP content. I’m not talking about the time of day, I’m talking like more people engage with this story than that story. 

Look at the competitive landscape

So, you can start to figure out what stories are resonating best and getting the most activity but you can’t tell that story that same way over and over again. You have to look at the competitive landscape and figure out not only what will stand out but what you can get behind. Have an opinion about and post with enthusiasm for things like what you’re testing or your new messaging. I would say that by the time everyone is doing something a certain way that your job is like as marketers our job is to figure out how to not look like everyone else. 

If I could go to five social accounts that sell similar things that you sell and not really go if it was like the prison lineup or whatever. If I couldn’t call out and say this is this one’s brand right because I’m looking at the stream and I know then you haven’t done your job of looking like your category, not a brand.

To learn more, watch this video:

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