How to Build A Stable Newsletter Audience

If you are automatically subscribing people to your newsletter because of their purchase or their engagement with this content and this download of this ebook, you need to be careful because what you want with a newsletter, what you want with any content is, it the moment it has been read and finished for them to think I want more of that.

Opt-in Newsletter

So an opt-in should give me more. It’s not a here’s something we could give you like a gated ebook if you’ll give us your email address so we can annoy the mess out of you after. It should be here is this great thing we wrote, do you want more? Fill in this form. Because then the relationship is they have said I want more of this, not I will exchange this for that and then deal with your emails until I need to unsubscribe.

To know more, watch this video:

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