How to Get More Newsletter Signups

I think you need a call to action button or a link in the heroes section of the newsletter of your website. If your website is not the newsletter’s website, because some people have a separate landing page for their newsletter signups, you can easily just have a link to that

I think that is a great way when someone is browsing your brand for them to be like I don’t want to like get into a sales call conversation but I’ll just subscribe to their newsletter. And I will say that your open rate is a good litmus test of how well your brand is resonating because it’s the do they or don’t they want to engage with your content. At some point, they said they might and now they’re like where are they. 

Use social media platforms and know the best practices for each

So, top of your website I say if you have social accounts that have followings. You need a way for people to subscribe to your profile, and then you need to know the rules of each, not the rules but the best results practices of each channel.

If you’re on LinkedIn, you’re posting a link in the comments and not in the post because you’re going to get better traction that way. But then additionally, people recommending your newsletter or getting on lists of good newsletters are probably going to get you higher little spurts of people signing up than all those other like various ways to be found because you’re waiting to be found. 

Grow relationship and get genuine recommendations

 If you are influencing the right people who are recommending you to their audience, then that’s going to get you the biggest growth. That’s why I emphasize growing relationships and the best feeling is when someone genuinely recommends you.

To know more, watch this video:

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