Amazon Marketing Strategy: Be An International Seller

When you go internationally, again, it’s making sure people hesitate and they block out to translate my listing which again not expensive. There are fantastic companies I’ve spoken one earlier, make sure your listings are optimized in that locale and making sure that you can convert funds once you receive in like a euro or you know denomination converted back at an appropriate amount. 

Are you a follower or an adopter?

If you’re an early adopter instead of just a follower, you’re going to see more. You’re going to see more fruits of your labor. If you’re first to market instead like tenth to market I can be selling ten thousand dollars a month consistently for a couple of months and that’s still a good revenue stream. But then once the adoption of the platform takes off more people are using it your sales will then start to increase quite dramatically.

If you are first to the market

If you were the first to market, you probably have all the reviews, you probably have all the sales history, you have the loyalty and brand awareness that of that marketplace. Even though it’s small you’re gonna have a lot of people that say great things and you’re going to just dominate, wipe the floor with it as the first market instead of a follower. 

So, I would almost pose it, as a would you rather miss out or get small sales first and then bear the free sort of labor a year or two from now? or would you rather be a follower and try to break into the market like you might be doing in the United States and try to have to fight your way to be the top seller?

Stand out in the international market

In that regards, what would be the path of least resistance from you and a lot of people you know they might hesitate that other people might think it’s an opportunity and for you to stand out in these markets that are, to be honest with you that’s actually where a lot of aggregators. Businesses that are buying a business, buying brands in,  what they’re gonna do when they grow with it? First, they’re to look at is are in international markets? 

The first thing they’re going to do and if they aren’t they’re going to put them in UK, Germany and they’re going to put them in potentially in Japan, South China, and at least Canada. Those markets will be filled. I can almost guarantee you just because people are searching for it. They just don’t know that product exists or it just may not be a lot of adoption.

That is what big brands are doing or big aggregators are doing. I think that there’s some validity to that and then of course like you can diversify going to retail, go to wholesale, like all the other fun stuff as well.

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