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Developer | Marketing Specialist | Designer


My Skills

Dwyer Enterprises

Web Developer

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Video Producer

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Future Homes

SEO Specialist

My Years Of Experience

August 2016

Website Developer


I was responsible for developing WordPress websites from scratch and increasing website traffic through SEO. Analyze each business to determine the most appropriate design and website strategy.


September 2017

SEO Specialist


I was an SEO specialist who increased client website traffic through Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Seota was the place where I really excelled to learn all the tricks and rules to SEO.

December 2018

Google Adwords Certified


I am Google Adwords certified which means I can gain traffic from advertising on Google and gain traffic from doing SEO.

May 2018

Amazon Optimizer


I created the website for Prime Guidance, and now I help consultants optimize client's Amazon accounts to bring in more traffic and sales. I modify Amazon product pages using proven techniques to increase sales.


My Portfolio

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In-Depth SEO Reporting

There are so many SEO tools out there, but only a few have advanced features that can help businesses be extraordinarily successful. SEO is always evolving and changing, and I am devoted to knowing the newest SEO news and tricks. They're thousands of ways to optimize a site to gain more traffic and conversions.


Victor Dwyer Skills

  • Website Developer

  • SEO Specialist

  • Adwords Certified

  • Amazon Optimizer

  • Video Editor